Class Q Barn Conversion Prior Approval Secured in North-East Derbyshire

PDP_Class Q barn Conversion

Planning & Design Practice Ltd recently secured prior approval under Class Q of Permitted Development for a barn conversion in North-East Derbyshire. The barn was in a structurally sound condition, and no longer in regular use for farming, so was in an ideal position to be converted into an impressive modern home.

We were approached by the client to prepare designs for the conversion as well as to deal with the entire application process on their behalf, to ensure the best chance of success. Our client provided us with a variety of examples that had inspired them to embark on the project, so the architectural team at Planning & Design Practice made sure to incorporate as many of them as possible into the final scheme design. This final design made best use of the existing openings and also provided additional windows where necessary, resulting in a characterful modern barn conversion scheme that retains the agricultural theme of the original building.

During the planning process we encountered a couple of minor complications, the first in relation to a second farm building that is right next to the main barn on the site: the client wanted to use this for ancillary domestic uses such as garaging for vehicles, but the change of use of the second building did not fall within the remit of the permitted development legislation and so could not be dealt with within the one application.

The LPA also stated concerns over the total amount of building operations that were proposed to the main building as part of its residential conversion, relying on a recent appeal decision in their area.

This resulted in a refusal of the first application at the latest possible moment in the decision making process.

However a prompt resubmission of the application for the conversion of the first barn only, with additional information and clarification, along with references to other relevant appeal decisions, eventually resulted in the desired outcome for our client and the council granted prior approval in December 2019.

On receiving the news of the success, our client said:

“Brilliant!! Thank you for your perseverance! Can’t wait to get started! The champagne is going in the fridge now 😃”

The client also sent us a few old photos of the barn when it was built by her father in the late 1980s.

A separate planning application was submitted for change of use of the second barn to garaging and ancillary domestic uses in relation to the approved barn conversion, which was approved in January 2020.

We are delighted to have worked with our clients from the very outset on this project, which will enable them to create their dream home.

If you have a barn conversion project that you are struggling with or don’t know where to start, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you further.

Project Team: Dominic Cooney & Daryl Sanders

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