Class Q success delivers double dwellings

PDP_Class Q Double

Two new homes will be created following a successful Class Q planning application. Andrew Stock in collaboration with Jonathan Jenkin and the Architectural Team at Planning & Design Practice are pleased to announce that planning permission has been secured for the change of use and associated building operations of two agricultural buildings known as ‘The Green Barn’ and ‘The Black Barn’ to form two houses in Kniveton, Derbyshire.

The application site has a rather complex planning history, which Andrew Stock, who recently joined us as a Principal Planner, knows very well having been the Planning Officer who dealt with a number of applications at this site whilst previously working for Derbyshire Dales District Council.

The Green Barn is the smaller of the two existing agricultural buildings consisting of a single detached steel framed agricultural building. This building is enclosed on three and a half sides, with the half open side facing the other barn.

Figure 1: Photograph of the Green Barn

The building would be converted into a two bed roomed dwelling, comprising an open plan kitchen/living area, plant room, WC, utility/storage room and an open plan lobby/dining area.

Figure 2: Approved elevations of the Green Barn

The Black Barn is the larger of the two building as it is formed of a traditional stone and tile barn with an adjoining modern steel framed addition. The buildings are fully enclosed. The modern addition is finished in corrugated sheets above a concrete panel plinth.

Figure 3: Photograph of the Black Barn

The building would be converted into a three bed roomed dwelling, with the stone building converted into a kitchen and dining space with the remainder parts of the building providing living space and bedroom/ancillary space.

Figure 4: Approved elevations of the Black Barn

The total combined habitable floor space for of the development would be approximately 459m2 and the total combined curtilages would extend to approximately 430m2.

Class Q Barn Conversions are something Planning & Design Practice are well versed in, having helped lots of clients imagine and realise their dream homes. The permitted development right legislation is a notoriously complicated and complex issue with many Planning Authorities. Since the permitted development right legislation was introduced, there have been several notable appeal decisions which have altered and clarified how Class Q applications should be dealt with by an Authority.

More recently, the term “fallback” is used in when an existing consent confirms that the principle of development which can then be used as a lever to gaining full planning permission. For example, if prior approval had been obtained to carry out the conversion of an agricultural building to a residential dwelling via Class Q (agricultural to residential conversion), this then allows the existing fallback position (in this case the Class Q prior approval) to be applied to a full planning application for a similar scheme.

It is an area of planning which also attracts the interests of those people who wish to push the ex-tent of their properties in the green belt using householder permitted development rights. Particularly in those instances when local plan policies are restrictive on the amount of extension allowed.

We have vast experience of working on barn conversions both via full planning and/or prior approval (Class Q) application routes. For a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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