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We recently held a team building day at St Georges Park near Burton-on-Trent. The specially selected activities were held outside in the grounds of the National Football centre, the activities included: low ropes/ high ropes/ double trapeze/ laser combat/archery and climbing wall. Considering the wet weather, we still had a great day. After warming up with a cup of tea on arrival and preparing ourselves for a wet day, our first team building challenge of the day involved simply a ball and how we could pass/throw it to everyone in the team within the shortest space of time. Each time someone dropped the ball or missed it we had to celebrate this failure and focus on how we could do better next time round. 

The next activity was the low ropes, where we had to get an old-fashioned bell around an obstacle course of low ropes without falling off or allowing the bell to ring, and only allowing one person at a time on each obstacle. We were allowed 10 minutes before we started to plan out how we were going to tackle this activity and who was going to do what. We were asked as a team at the beginning of the activity to guess the lowest number of rings of the bell we would do and how long it would take us to get around. We all guessed in the region of 10-20 rings of the bell, but we did very well and got the bell round the course with only 4 rings! 

The double trapeze activity involved wearing harnesses, where one person was responsible for the safety of the other person wearing the harness, whilst climbing up a very tall wooden pole. This wooden pole was very wobbly and had a rather small platform at the top where the person climbing had to clime onto and stand up, then jump from the platform in the air and catch hold of a bar. This activity was a great test in trust and helping each other face any fears such as heights. 

The climbing wall was similar in that one person was on the ground in charge of holding the rope and the other climbing up the wall. Rebecca Wilson had the best technique for coming back down the climbing wall.

In the afternoon we finished with laser combat where we were put into two teams and had to try and ‘kill’ the opposite team with the laser guns. This activity showed everyone’s competitive side and was a great to end the day.

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