PDP_Barn Conversaion Shurston
PDP_Barn Conversaion Shurston
Project:  Barn conversion, Sturston

Planning & Design Practice achieved consent for the conversion of an agricultural building to a dwelling under Class Q of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order. The site comprised a detached single storey agricultural building located in Sturston, a hamlet a short distance to the east of the market town of Ashbourne. The building was constructed from red brick under a tiled roof with a limited number of openings. It was in a reasonably solid condition apart from some minor defects to the roof and northern elevation.

Class Q allows “building operations reasonably necessary to convert the building” into residential use. However, this does not include new structural elements for the building, meaning the building must be structurally strong enough to take the loading which comes with the external works to convert the building at the time an application is made. Having sought the input of a structural engineer, we advised the client to make good the building’s defects prior to making the application. This could be done without the need for planning permission as it did not amount to ‘development’ under Section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

The application was then submitted and Derbyshire Dales District Council duly granted prior approval. The building has now been converted and makes a fine home on a lane with a decidedly rural feel yet it is less than a mile from the centre of Ashbourne.

Helping you plan and design your Barn Conversion

Obtaining planning permission can provide you with that dream home in the countryside or maybe the way of life you have always dreamt of.

It can also bring about significant gains and help to maximise the value of your rural property. However, development in the countryside is subject to strict planning controls which can make obtaining planning permission very difficult.

We have vast experience of working on projects for homeowners, landowners and farmers in rural areas including, barn conversions both via a planning application and Class Q, farm diversification schemes and rural housing development.

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