Siegfried Doering

Dipl.-Ing. Architecture

Architectural Consultant

Siegfried Doering
Before his Architectural qualification Siegfried worked as a part time builder in formwork and reinforcement on large scale construction projects between 1973 and 1984. During this time, he decided to become an Architect.

After qualifying in 1985 he was employed as a project manager by the main contractor he worked for as a builder previously. He managed and delivered large scale university, hospital, care home, office, retail, school, transport, and industrial projects from construction design to completion and was also part of the heritage and renovation team, who had recognised expertise at that time.

Siegfried’s work philosophy is to get involved in projects from start to completion and manage all architectural and construction phases, especially on site. He has a great understanding of different construction methods and particularly of how to eliminate thermal bridging, which is a major factor for heat loss in modern buildings.

In 1990 he started working as an Architect in an established architectural practice in Germany, combining practical experience from his previous years and his architectural philosophy. During this time, he mainly worked on large scale heritage projects and on listed buildings, like the conversion from a former governor’s castle into a government building in Erfurt, Germany.

In 1993 he established his own architectural practice in Kassel, Germany. He and his team worked on a variety of projects such as heritage and listed buildings, offices, retail, industrial, care homes, infrastructure, housing, flats – and many dwellings and extensions; from steel structure, brick/block/concrete and historic construction methods with straw and clay, traditional timber frames, natural stone masonry to slate roofs.

From 2005 until 2012, Siegfried worked in two well-known UK architectural firms – and also worldwide. Main projects were retail, industrial, hotels, student accommodation, schools, and nurseries.
Before joining the team at Planning & Design in 2020, Siegfried was Senior Architect/Project/Quality Design Manager in the Architectural Department for an international company offering worldwide infrastructure buildings like train stations, data centres, train/tram depots, offices, and maintenance facilities.

Siegfried’s personal philosophy is to practise and understand architecture as a creative compromise between budget, function, quality, aesthetics, and Planning Policies – all tailored to the client’s needs.