Project:  Brinsley Neighbourhood Plan

Planning & Design Practice recently worked in conjunction with the Brinsley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to produce their Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group spent a lot of time consulting on the Plan with the local community; gathering ideas for what they wanted the main aims and objectives of the Plan to be, key issues which needed to be addressed, and crucially creating vision that the community wanted the Plan to present.

Neighbourhood Plans are very much community driven, but the Brinsley Steering Group approached Planning & Design Practice to help with the writing of the Plan itself. Two of our planners, including our Director Jon Millhouse, helped Brinsley to achieve their Neighbourhood Plan vision. They attended meetings and worked closely with the Brinsley Steering Group to create a Plan, the policies of which reflect the Brinsley resident’s aspirations for the village.

The draft version of the Brinsley Neighbourhood Plan will now be consulted on for six weeks subject to Regulation 14 before being submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council (the Local Planning Authority) for independent examination.

All Neighbourhood Plan Steering Groups are eligible to apply for grant funding of up to £9,000, with complex cases being eligible for an extra £6,000. This can be used to support the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you require our help writing a Neighbourhood Plan for your local community, or would just like some advice, please get in touch.