Building Stability within the Green Belt

Stability in the green belt

Planning & Design Practice are pleased to announce that they have successfully secured planning permission for a new stable building within the Green Belt, a positive result for our client having been achieved.

The new stable building is intended for equestrian use and will help create a better quality of life and environment for the horses on the site. It will provide much needed storage space for hay and associated equipment to cater for the newly acquired use for the site. The stable building is of wooden construction with Shiplap Cladding, whilst the roof is black Onduvilla tiles.

Before the construction of this stable building the site consisted of one agricultural field with no notable obstructions to the Green Belt in terms of buildings. As this site is within the Green Belt this did pose the complication of having to prove the building is necessary to cater for the horses on the site. This was unavoidable as the Council wouldn’t approve the construction of a building within the Green Belt without compelling evidence that it is essential for the new equestrian use of the site. As the land was previously under an agricultural use it was also necessary to apply for a Change of Use so that horses could graze on the land.

Another key aspect to this project was preserving the openness of the green belt whilst also constructing a building upon the land. To do this the building had to be linked to recreation and/or outdoor sport as part of Policy EN2.

Planning within the Green Belt

Planning Design Practice Ltd is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of Architects, Planning Consultants and Heritage specialists.

Obtaining planning permission in the countryside can bring about significant gains and help to maximise the value of your rural property. However, development in the countryside is subject to strict planning controls which can make obtaining planning permission very difficult. Our RTPI Chartered planning experts have vast experience of working on projects for homeowners, landowners and farmers in rural areas including agricultural buildings, barn conversions, Certificates of Lawfulness and farm diversification schemes.

We provide honest and sound advice, mediate when required and maintain high professional standards. We aim to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and we are always pleased to work with architects and other professional companies.

For a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01332 347371 or

Samuel Young, Assistant Planner, Planning & Design Practice Ltd

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