Class Q success creates double dwellings

Class Q Success

Planning & Design Practice are delighted to announce another successful Class Q application. This will allow our client to change the use of, and convert, an unused agricultural building to form two new homes in Chinley, Derbyshire.

The building in question consisted of a large agricultural building constructed from concrete blocks, a profiled cement roof and is enclosed on three sides by profiled cement sheet walls. An accompanying structural report concluded that the building was structurally sound and capable of conversion.
Both dwellings will have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and open plan living, as well as outdoor amenity space. The external alterations have been kept to a minimum to comply with Class Q legislation and to respect the rural aesthetic of the local area.

The agricultural building was located outside the settlement boundary of Chinley, in close proximity to the Peak District National Park, the site benefits from wide landscape views whilst being nestled away in the valley.

The Permitted Development rights, commonly referred to as Class Q, is the right to convert agricultural buildings into homes as a matter of principle and has been with us since 2014.

Permitted Development (PD) is the right of an owner to develop their land within limits prescribed by a piece of legislation known as a General Permitted Development Order. The point of the order was originally to allow minor developments to go ahead without having to go through the planning application process, for example, small extensions to houses.

In the interest of simplifying the planning system and boosting the supply of houses, the government extended PD rights to include the right to change agricultural buildings to homes. Originally proposed as a temporary measure, this has since been made permanent.

Planning & Design Practice Ltd is a multi-disciplinary team of Chartered Town Planners, Architects, Architectural Assistants and Heritage Specialists. Gaining planning permission is a key step in almost any development. We can take a project through from inception to completion, but we also offer the flexibility to engage a client’s own architects and provide a planning service, whilst our design team can also work with clients who have engaged other town planning professionals.

Planning & Design Practice Ltd are well versed in researching and understanding local Council’s policies to ensure the best possible case if put forward for our clients.

For a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01332 347371 or

Shaun Hyde, Planner, Planning & Design Practice Ltd

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