Planning permission promises Turkish delight


Outdoor dining coming to the Istanbul restaurant at Normanton Road, Derby? We are pleased to say that we have obtained planning permission for a new balcony and illuminated signage for this Turkish restaurant in Normanton, Derby on behalf of our client.

A modern looking stainless steel and glass balcony has been approved, complimenting the modern building and which will allow diners to enjoy the fine Turkish dining on offer during the (hopefully) lovely British summer when they visit the Istanbul Restaurant.

With plenty of back-and-forth communication required with the structural engineer to ensure the most simple and effective structural design was being put forward, it was certainly an interesting job to work on and one we are very happy with the outcome of.

The job required two separate applications. the first was to obtain planning permission for the balcony itself, whilst the second was needed to get permission for the illuminated Istanbul Restaurant and non illuminated Europa Delikatesy sign.

Planning & Design Practice Ltd have a wealth of experience in designing and securing planning permission for commercial projects.

We have the required skills to design both small and large scale schemes in-house and tailor the design to the client’s unique specifications.

We can support your development aspirations through the various stages of the planning process, including (but not limited to): feasibility studies, site promotion through the local plan, pre-applications, outline & full planning applications and appeals.

Recently we have worked on a range of commercial projects including leisure and tourism, food and drink establishments, car parking, industrial estates and offices.

If you are unsure of your site’s potential, we are also able to provide our professional opinion on the planning potential of your property at the outset. We are always willing to provide help and advice, and are able to provide an initial 30 minute consultation without charge. Please contact us to find out how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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