Success for heritage holiday lets

Holiday Lets

Planning & Design Practice announce a successful planning application for the retrospective change of use of one dwelling to two holiday lets, at Langwith Mill House.

Langwith Mill, near Mansfield was erected in the 18th Century. Since then, there have been a number of later additions and alterations, before falling into disrepair and abandonment. The mill has recently been restored to its former glory in a manner than maintains it’s historical character.

This application sought to gain retrospective permission to use the two independent units as holiday lets. This will help to protect the future of the historical building through continued reinvestment which can be generated by using the site for holiday lets.

This development has not just ensured the future of a key heritage asset, but it also provides the public the opportunity to stay in a newly restored historical asset. The rural location allows visitors to experience the countryside in an accessible manner. By reusing an existing building within the countryside, there is also environmentally sustainable aspects to the proposals, as there will be no additional development required in the countryside.

Figures 1 & 2 showing the restorative work of Langwith Mill

The development proposal met multiple objectives that were set out in the Bassetlaw Local Development Framework. Our extensive knowledge of local planning policies, heritage protection and sustainability targets enabled the client to carry through with the development and allow visitors to stay at such a historical location.

Furthermore, in chapter 16 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) there Is a requirement to protect and preserve heritage assets. As there were no alterations to the exterior of the building, the character of the building was preserved.

Planning & Design Practice Ltd is a multi-disciplinary team of Chartered Town Planners, Architects, Architectural Assistants and Heritage Specialists. Gaining planning permission is a key step in almost any development. We can take a project through from inception to completion, but we also offer the flexibility to engage a client’s own architects and provide a planning service, whilst our design team can also work with clients who have engaged other town planning professionals.

We recognise the importance of the built heritage in our towns, villages and rural areas. We have an in-house team of consultants, conservation architects and architectural technicians who ensure that proposals are designed sympathetically to conserve and enhance historic buildings and sites.

For more information on our team, and the services we provide, or for a no obligation consultation to discuss your project please contact us on 01332 347371 or

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