A family affair for Derbyshire listed barns conversion

Listed Barns

Planning & Design Practice obtained planning and listed building consent last month for the conversion of part of a complex of curtilage listed barns near Ashbourne to dependent relative accommodation.

The newly created accommodation will enable two generations of the same family to live alongside one another in attractive Derbyshire countryside. The applications required careful space planning and sensitivity to the historic buildings given their listed status.

The Planning and Listed Building application was for the conversion of a double garage, utility room and snug to dependent relative accommodation, to house the elderly parents of the new owners of the property. The proposals would see the existing snug and utility rooms repurposed as a bedroom and bathroom respectively. The garage will become a living/kitchen area, with recessed glazed panels inserted into the existing door openings. A new internal wall will be constructed to separate the annex. Two conservation rooflights will be inserted into the roof.

The property is part of a traditional range of brick-built barns at a Derbyshire Farm, converted several years ago. The farmhouse itself is Grade II Listed, the barns curtilage Listed.

The impact of the physical works on the character and appearance of the curtilage Listed Buildings are relatively minor. There are few historic features internally (concrete floors, concrete block walling, modern timber roof), thus the relatively minor changes (new wall, raised floor, insulation, opening the roof space, kitchen unit and bathroom) can be accommodated without undue harm.

Obtaining planning permission can provide you with that dream home in the countryside or maybe the way of life you have always dreamt of.

It can also bring about significant gains and help to maximise the value of your rural property. However, development in the countryside is subject to strict planning controls which can make obtaining planning permission very difficult. We have vast experience of working on rural projects for homeowners, landowners and farmers in rural areas. If you have any questions about a rural planning project please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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