Extension granted

Extension Granted

Planning & Design Practice is pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted for an extension to a home in Hulland Ward, a village in the Derbyshire Dales.

Located just outside the Settlement Development Boundary of Hulland Ward, this dwelling was previously converted from a barn, permission for which was granted in 2003. Policy in the Local Plan restricts extensions on conversion of existing buildings; however, this policy was brought in after permission was granted for the conversion of the barn. Therefore, we successfully argued that it can now be considered as a ‘dwelling’ and not a ‘barn-conversion’, meaning that it would be subject to the relevant policies.

The proposal was for a lean-to extension to the dwelling, which uses materials that assimilate with the agricultural character of the dwelling. The proposed extension was located in the same location as a previous extension prior to the conversion of the barn to a dwelling.

Prior to submitting the application, we submitted a pre-application enquiry to Derbyshire Dales Council with indicative plans. Our open and honest communication with the Council and our client allowed us to successfully reach a set of plans that were agreeable to each party.

It was considered by the Council that the proposed extension submitted would not cause any harm to the amenity of neighbouring occupants, and that the modest size and materials proposed would not adversely impact the character and appearance of the site.

Our team of experienced professionals work with home owners on a daily basis to provide the technical knowledge, design ideals and the relevant expertise to help guide them through what can be a daunting process.

Whether you need help from a planning expert to decide what you might be able to achieve, or help designing your dream home, here at Planning & Design we will listen to your aspirations and help you to understand what can be achieved. Our team can be there for you every step of the way, from the conception of an idea to the production of design proposals and the achievement of planning permission. Contact us on 01332 347371 for a no obligation consultation to discuss your project.

Emily Anderson, Planner, Planning & Design Practice Ltd

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