In good health with new GP Surgeries

PDP_GP Surgeries

Planning & Design Practice Ltd have secured Certificates of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development (“CLOPUD”), for two vacant retail units located in Wigan town centre, that will see them converted into GP surgeries.

The first site is located at 13-15 Fleet Street, around 3.5km to the west of the town centre. This site was previously in use as a retail unit (a convenience shop and Post Office) for many years until 2018. The second site, at 66 Standish Gate, is part of a row of commercial properties on the northwest side of Standishgate in the heart of in Wigan town centre.

Until recently, shops fell within Use Class A1. However, from 1st September 2020 A1 shops are included within the new broad Class E Commercial, Business and Service Use Class and in some cases, Class F2. As GP surgeries also now fall within Class E it was considered that the change of use did not require planning permission and a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development was instead sought.

CLOPUD applications for both sites were submitted early September and by the end of October we were pleased to have received approval from Wigan Council for their conversion to GP surgeries.

The Wigan Local Plan that was adopted in 2013 identifies health inequality and deprivation as a major issue facing Wigan Borough and improving health and life expectancy as a key strategic objective. Access to quality health care is a key component of this and the provision of these two new GPs surgeries in the town centre, is an important contribution towards ensuring the health care needs of Wigan’s community are met.

Planning & Design have a wealth of experience in designing and securing planning permission for commercial projects. For expert advice and a no obligation consultation to discuss your business, please get in touch.

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