New website showcases ‘the heart’ of Sheffield City Centre

PDP_Sheffield Heart of the City

Sheffield – like many other cities in England – is working hard to try and protect the viability of city centres by proposing new development and regeneration. ‘The Heart of the City’ project, first announced in 2004, was introduced to masterplan the city centre and bring about redevelopment to areas that were experiencing declining footfall. The plans have been long awaited, having stalled due to recession in 2008, but some of Sheffield City Council’s ideas have finally come to fruition.

Redevelopment is now visibly taking place in Sheffield as The Moor boasts an open space with a range of shops on offer with more in the works from Sheffield City Council and its development partner, Queensberry. Queensberry have recently sought planning consent to change the exterior facade of the historic Gaumont building and neighbouring buildings to improve the Barkers Pool area as part of the ‘Heart of the City II’ Masterplan.

As progress continues, the Heart of the City II Masterplan has released a new website to showcase the redevelopment plans that will come forward in Sheffield, giving direction to residents and businesses.

The website details their design principles which focus on mixed use spaces in which businesses can operate and people can live in. Within this, outdoor spaces and public spaces will be enhanced to showcase the green city. This will enable people to access work, services, restaurants and outdoor opportunities with minimal need to travel outside of the city centre.

Included in the website are further details of forthcoming phases including “The Chapel” live music venue, Wellington Works and The Combhouse as part of Phase 3 (formerly Block H of the plan) and Pound’s Park, Carlisle House and Stirrings Place which will constitute Phase 4 (was Block G of the plan).

With an office at The Workstation we have a close connection with Sheffield with numerous clients in the region. Please get in touch for advice on any planning issues or potential projects.

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