Planning Success: Biodiversity gains in rural Derbyshire

PDP_Biodiversity Gains

Planning & Design Practice is pleased to announce that retrospective planning permission has recently been secured for the retention of two wildlife ponds at Woodhay Farm, Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire, creating biodiversity gains.

Woodhay Farm is in the process of diversification and this latest approval relates to two wildlife ponds reconfigured following the change of use and conversion of a modern steel portal framed building under Class Q that we had obtained prior approval for.

The development provided an opportunity to maximise landscape, wildlife and biodiversity benefits through the reconfiguration of the ponds, creating an attractive landscape feature with excellent wildlife and biodiversity advantages.

A previous land owner diverted effluent from the farmstead into the pond for several decades which resulted in an extremely smelly and unattractive blot on the landscape.

Figure 1: Existing Pond

The creation of the two wildlife ponds have significantly improved the character and appearance of the immediate and wider landscape through appropriate management. The ponds were designed to encourage wildlife to thrive on site and the surrounding land providing a great habitat for invertebrates, newts and frogs alongside attracting other wildlife such as snails, insects and birds.

Figure 2: Reconfigured wildlife pond

When having regard to the condition of the pre-existing ponds the development has significantly increased the ecological value of the area and will benefit many different habitats within and immediately surrounding the site.

The assessment of Biodiversity Net Gain has become an increasingly important consideration for landowners, developers and Council’s following the publishing of the Environment Act (2021) which came into law in November 2021. An article on the importance and benefits of the Environment Act can be found here.

We have vast experience of working on rural projects for homeowners, landowners and farmers in rural areas. We can provide you with expert advice on issues to be taken into account prior to submission of your application through to receiving the decision. For a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01332 347371.

Andrew Stock, Principal Planner, Planning & Design Practice Ltd.

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